Adopt-A-Rabbit Month

Every so often we stray off Atlas Games topics in this blog to other matters, and this is another such occasion...

February is Adopt-a-Rabbit Month. When I married Michelle, I found myself marrying into co-guardianship of a pair of rabbits, and over the past five years I have learned what wonderful and subtle creatures they are. I was also immediately charmed by Michelle's rejection of traditional rabbit naming conventions (which results in names like "Fluffy" and "Bun-Bun"), in favor of monsters and mythological terrors -- just like you might expect from a gamer like her. Hence our two bunnies are named Chimera ("Chimi" for short) and Wendigo ("Windy"). I've become such a convert that I serve on the board of a nonprofit rabbit rescue and education organization, the Minnesota House Rabbit Society.

If you're thinking about getting a pet, this month offers a great opportunity to learn about the virtues and flaws of rabbits. They're not the perfect pet for everyone (and far too many rabbits wind up in shelters because people didn't realize what they were taking on by getting one), but a bunny might be right for you.

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