Oh Happy Day

Today's the day I promised that the Gloom Houses promo would go up ... and what do you know? There it is, on the Gloom product page. Enjoy!

This weekend marks John and my 5th wedding anniversary. They say the 5th should be celebrated with paper, so we're going to check out the games at Con of the North on Saturday. (Wait a second ... HOW did I get myself talked into this?!) It's at the Holiday Inn at McKnight & Hwy 94 for all those lonely gamers in the Twin Cities. See you there!


  1. Thanks!

    Con of the North was lots of fun, too. Michelle found some wonderful new toys for her d20 game in the dealer's room, and we both learned that Unreal Tournament gives us motion sickness. Urk!

  2. Hi John and Michelle,

    Happy 5th anniversary!

    Love, Julie and Eric (and Emily)