Sneak Peek at GAMA Offerings!

I just put up images of our new Ars Magica 5th Edition brochure and Northern Crown: New World Adventures brochure, both of which will be debuting at GAMA Trade Show in March. They each have a nifty poster map in the center, and lots of info on the game. Take a look!

Also, due to public outcry I've been working on making PDFs of the promos for our games that appeared in magazines in the last few years ... things like the four Gloom promo house cards and the two Cthulhu500 promo vehicle cards that appeared in Game Trade Magazine, the Stilt-Walker and Nyamban Herbal that were published in Campaign and Pyramid for Nyambe, The Whisperer out-take from the Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary that was only ever seen in Pyramid, the Rocking the Vote promo for Dynasties & Demagogues that was in Gaming Frontiers, and Occult Lore promos from D20 Weekly and Gaming Frontiers, plus some material that I came across in my housecleaning that I don't think has been seen anywhere before! I'll be putting them all up in the next few weeks, starting with the Gloom promo from Game Trade Magazine on Friday ... so check back often!

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