Back from Vegas

Michelle and I got back from Las Vegas and the GAMA Trade Show very early this morning on the red-eye flight. I'm in the office this afternoon, trying to catch up on some of the work that heaped up in our absence, but I'm sure most of it will not get addressed until next week.

The show was a big success. Besides the excitement that Gloom and Ars Magica 5th Edition had around them, and the very positive reactions we got to the upcoming Northern Crown campaign setting, we were thrilled to receive Origins Award nominations for two of our 2004 releases: Ars Magica 5th Edition and Cthulhu 500!


  1. I kept hearing from retailers and other manufacturers that they were amazed by the big group of people playing Gloom at our demo tables the whole show, and by the excitement it generated. Thanks to our two demo people, Paul Tevis and Darrn Miguez, for helping to make Gloom's launch such an overwhelming success!

    If you're interested in helping to promote Gloom by doing demos at your local convention or game store, visit the Special Ops info page for more information and an application.

  2. Oh, and due to popular demand -- ie. lots of retailers at GTS asking about them -- I'll be putting up PDFs of our demo table playmats for our most popular card games on the website next week.