Those Surly Giraffes ...

As our next release in the continuing effort to put long-ago articles that appeared in magazines onto the website, we present When Giraffes Attack! This adventure for Nyambe by Chris Dolunt appeared in Game Trade Magazine in 2002.


  1. When Girafes Attack is an a great little adventure. I am so happy that you posted it as it is very hard to track down. Even contacting Game Trade Magazine didn't help as they said it had been archived and that they probably wouldn't dig it out. It took me a month to track down a copy. Thanks for posting this Nyambe bit of gold!

  2. I've got a bunch more Nyambe PDFs to up up, too ... in fact, I think I'm going to have to alternate 1 Nyambe then 1 other line for the next few weeks to pack them all in!