Tomb Tidings

As part of my efforts to get the reprint of Tomb of the Lich Lord to press, I've put together a new card list for "version 2.1," as we're calling it. You'll notice that a few cards have been replaced with new ones to fix rules imbalances and increase playability.


  1. Any chance of an "update pack", which will allow those of us who already own Tomb of the Lich Lord to get the new cards to update out sets? Maybe you could even include errata cards for the others sets, such as Den of the Wererats and Haunted Woods of Malthorin?

  2. We do not plan to print any sort of "update pack." It would be expensive to do, and I don't think it would be a significant benefit.

    Just like reprinting a book, it's an opportunity to correct typos...but we don't make a point of offering replacement books or replacement pages to owners of the previous printing...

  3. I don't think changing a number of cards and re-writing some as just correcting typos. Comparing this to a book reprint is not the same. You are making substancial changes to the set. For us that invested already twice for the same game it's kind of annoying to do it a third time. Since you have 4 previous cards that have bugs and you are doing some major revisions to this set you should consider offering your loyal customers an update pack.