Distributor Update - April 5, 2005

[Note: This is the update e-mail that went out to distributors earlier this afternoon. I figured I'd just cut and paste into our blog...]

One Week Warning: Ars Magica Sourcebooks

This morning I spoke with our printer about the status of the two Ars Magica 5th Edition hardcover sourcebooks that are at press: AG0276 Guardians of the Forests: The Rhine Tribunal and AG0277 Houses of Hermes: True Lineages. Both remain on schedule for delivery to us next week.

Orders for both sourcebooks books are due by the end of the day next Monday, April 11th. I expect to receive the books early Tuesday afternoon, and I'll get right to work packing orders. As usual, all US orders will ship on the same day; non-US orders will ship on an ASAP basis.

Reminder: Flyers

If you haven't already given me numbers, please let me know how many of our new flyers (the ones for Northern Crown and Ars Magica 5th Edition -- see our retailer portal page, and scroll down to the bottom for the thumbnails) you would like, so that I can ship them with the new releases.

Out of Print: One Shots

We've sold out of AG6001 One Shots (Unknown Armies). We do not plan to reprint this book.

Selling Briskly

has been selling very well. We are down to less than 1500 copies in the warehouse, which sounds like a healthy quantity...but given that we need to set aside a few hundred for the summer convention season, and looking at the recent rate of reorder sales, it will probably be gone in 1-2 months.

We are speaking with our printer in India about reprint arrangements, including ways to improve the production quality and plans for an expansion deck to be published at the same time.

Last year it took us more than five months to receive our games after placing our order. We hope that many of the problems we experienced last year were unusual (such as the dock strike and Homeland Security container inspection), but even so, please be aware that after the first printing sells out it will be out of stock for an unknown length of time.


The new Dungeoneer set, Dragons of the Forsaken Desert, and the reprint of Tomb of the Lich Lord are both at press and on track for release in late May.


  1. When could we expect those Ars books in Australia?

  2. It's really hard to say. In the best-case scenario, the books might only take 2-3 weeks to get there. But it could be a lot longer, depending on when the Australian distributors place an order, whether they have delivery by air or sea, whether there are delays in customs, etc.

  3. You don't understand John. I need those books!