Gloom Sold Out!

This morning we received a purchase order from one of our distributors, and it's cleaned us out of the rest of the Gloom we have for sale. If you're interested, now's a really good time to grab a copy from your local game store (or Warehouse 23, which still had some copies last I checked).

We have already made arrangements for the reprint. However, it's going to take some time for it to get here (we're guessing late summer); also, it's going to have a 10% price increase ($21.95 versus $19.95 today). We were very pleased that we managed to price the original printing under $20, but with cost increases and the rising price of oil we just can't hold it there. (The cost of the plastic alone has increased 12% since our original printing).

The good folks of Adventure Retail Ltd., who manage our convention presence for us, did insist that we set aside some copies for the summer convention season; so at each of the summer shows there will be a limited quantity available at the Atlas booth. While I'd love to turn those games into cash today, it's true that having them at conventions where the game is being demoed and spread to new players should help the long-term sales through all channels a lot more than selling a few more copies this month.

Finally, the Gloom expansion deck will also be run with the reprinting, and it even has a title now! Watch this space for more details soon on Gloom: Unhappy Homes.

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