An Intro to Northern Crown

I just finished up the last touches on the layout of Northern Crown: New World Adventures and gave it to John for the final proofread. Yay! To celebrate, I also put up the first chapter of the book on our web site ... it's an introduction to the people, places, and events that make Northern Crown such a unique campaign setting.

I'm also done with my edit of the Gazetteer, so it's ready for layout now ... things are looking good for an August release at GenCon!


  1. Awesome. More please?

    This is a great teaser. Cannot wait until the final product is released.

    Thanks for posting that for us.

  2. It's killing me, too. I haven't seen any more of the final manuscript than you have, Jhilahd. Michelle is a very mean editor that way, but what can I do? I'll just have to wait til August like everyone else.
    Don't miss the Game Trade Magazine article, by the way.