New on RPGNow: En Route II

The latest pay-download PDF offering from Atlas Games is now available on RPGNow -- En Route II: By Land or By Sea.

This PDF represents a change of strategy for us. In the past we've only been making out-of-print books available as downloads. However, in the d20 space we're finding that we need to do more to make the products available to consumers. The reality is that a lot of stores are pretty reluctant to restock older d20 titles, not surprisingly. We're hoping that offering our in-print Penumbra titles as PDFs will expose these books to more d20 fans, and ultimately lead to more sales in print as well as online. (If you're interested in a printed copy of this book, you should be able to request it through your friendly local game store, or buy a copy from our online sales partners, Warehouse 23.)

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