Our d20 Bestsellers

I've been doing some analysis of sales trends this week, and along the way came up with this list: our best selling d20 products over the past twelve months, solely on the basis of reorders. In other words, of all our d20 titles, these are the ones that keep getting bought most. If you're a d20 player, I hope you'll stop by your local game store to check them out, if you haven't already!

10. The Ascension of the Magdalene
7 (tie). Backdrops
7 (tie). Seven Cities
7 (tie). The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary
6. Love & War
5. Nyambe: African Adventures
4. The Black Monks of Glastonbury
3. Crime & Punishment
2. Dynasties & Demagogues
1. The Dork20 Deck

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