Let's Kill Cover and Dungeoneer Translations

I've just put up the mockup cover for Let's Kill 2nd Edition. We tried to evoke the feeling of the 1st Edition, while updating it to suit today's audience.

Also, links are now up on the Dungeoneer page for our translators: Edge Entertainment (Spanish) and Ubik (French). They both feature versions of the same incredibly spiffy trailer. Even if you don't speak Spanish or French, it's worth checking out just for the eye candy!


  1. I'm thrilled to see you guys bringing this game back. We used to play this around the Pinnacle offices back in the day. Just tell me you're keeping my favorite weapon card: "Weed-Whacker and a Pound of Coke." :)

  2. Hi Matt!

    The Weed Whacker is indeed on the card list. :)