Order the Divine Now!

Ars Magica 5th Edition's newest release is now available for pre-order at Warehouse23! The Realms of Power: The Divine sourcebook explains the power of God in Mythic Europe. From descriptions of each of the three great Divine religions -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam -- to rules for Divinely-empowered wonder workers and angels, this book contains everything needed to include the Divine in your Ars Magica saga.


  1. Can you forecast a release date yet?

  2. Our current expectation is that we will receive The Divine from our printer on August 10th. With luck we will ship all our distributors by the following day. When it hits various stores is highly variable, but many of them should have it on the shelves by the time of Gen Con the next week. (We'll have it at Gen Con too, of course.)

    -John Nephew
    President, Atlas Games