Today's Updates

First, Let's Kill has shipped. Yesterday I shipped to non-US distributors; today I shipped US distributors. I should qualify that by saying, distributors who got their orders in...I'm still waiting on a couple of folks to give me their numbers. (I think some folks in Europe may be off at that show in Essen right now, and may not have time to figure out their ordering needs until they get back...)

Second, we got word from the shipping company that Homeland Security is finished with the container with the second wave of Unhappy Homes and Gloom. The container has been in the US since September 27th, but Homeland Security apparently likes to select incoming shipping containers at random, set them aside in a warehouse for several weeks, and then charge the people waiting for the cargo an extra fee for having them x-rayed. Now we face the unknown quantity of how long it will take the shipment to travel from the east coast to Minnesota; once here it clears customs and gets delivered to our warehouse. Happily, customs seems to go more smoothly; on the first half of this order we had our goods cleared and delivered the day they rolled into the bonded warehouse in Minneapolis.

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