A Birthday Present: FREE GAMES!

Next Thursday, November 17, I will turn 36. This past summer, Atlas turned 15. Traditionally I am a total grump about birthdays, but this year I'd like to celebrate these milestones by giving a whole lot of birthday presents. It's been a very prosperous year for Atlas, and all of us here at Atlas want to thank the fans who have supported us for 15 years and made all our success possible.

Here's the deal. If you send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope, I will stuff it full of FREE d20 System roleplaying books and mail it back to you.

There are some limitations and details, which I need to set in order to make this manageable (since I'll be the one preparing and sending all of these gifts!):

  1. This is only available to folks in the USA – I'm sorry but I can't figure out an easy way to offer this to people elsewhere. If you live outside the US but can arrange for a friend or relative in the US to send in the SASE and then forward the gift to you, that's OK – I just can't set aside the time for filling out a bazillion customs forms.

  2. The self-addressed, stamped envelope you send me should be at least 10” x 13”; it's your choice if you want to use a plain envelope, a padded/bubble mailer, etc. I can't be responsible for damage that may occur in transit.

  3. You you need to attach $2.26 in US postage. This is enough for me to send you up to 3 pounds by Media Mail within the United States.

  4. I must limit this to one gift package per name or address. I reserve the right to reject requests that I deem, in my sole judgement, to be abusive of our generosity.

  5. Your request must be postmarked no later than my birthday – November 17, 2005.

  6. If you like, you may include a list of Atlas d20 titles you already own, and I'll try to send you items you don't already own, if possible – but I can't promise any specific titles, and what I send is ultimately up to my personal whim. I am the birthday boy, and this is my party!

  7. Please be patient in waiting for delivery. Besides the fact that media mail is slow (but cheap), filling these requests will have to take a lower priority than other tasks on my to-do list (such as making sales calls and shipping goods to distributors), and I have no idea how many people will respond to this invitation.

Send your SASE to:

Atlas Games
attn: John's Birthday Presents
885 Pierce Butler Route
Saint Paul, MN 55104

If you enjoy the books you receive, please consider visiting your local game store (or Warehouse 23) to pick up more Atlas Games titles. (Yes, this is a shameless marketing effort as well as a gift!)

Thanks again to all of our customers who have made this job fun and engrossing for more than 15 years!


  1. Your birthday reward is more work?

    Ok. The least I can do is send a picture of all the Atlas products I've bought over the years. Do I stack them, or lay them out? Hmmm.


  2. Heh, wow! This is Darren in Vegas. On the 17th, also my birthday, I'll be 35. Kooky. Do I have a titanic game company to show for it? No. But I do get my MLIS diploma exactly one month later.

    Happy Birthday, John! Thanks for the Tipping Point, btw!


  3. Wow, thats really a great gift for us fans.
    Too bad I am in Australia. But I can see that sending these books overseas would be much more work.

    Have a nice birthday!


  4. > Your birthday reward is more work?

    What do you think drives me to be running a game company for fifteen years, if not a wee bit of masochism? ;-)

  5. Darren, happy birthday to you, and congrats on the upcoming diploma! If you liked the Tipping Point, be sure to get Gladwell's recent book, Blink. Michelle and I both read it recently, and had a lot of interesting discussions of applying "thin slicing" and the like to our game submission evaluation process.

    Peter, thanks for the well wishes, and I'm really sorry I'm not sending you a pack of loot. I couldn't figure out a way to expand this beyond the United States without a huge increase in the amount of effort. (Within the USA, media mail is a flat rate regardless of distance; elsewhere, there are many different rates, with the cost depending on the country, and some classes of mail only go to certain countries, plus there's customs forms that must be filled out...ugh.) I'm hoping that, as I've set it up, this will only take me a minute or two per envelope, since I don't have to write out addresses or calculate postage, just put it on the scale and make sure it's under 3 lbs...

  6. Happy Birthday, John