Kinks All Worked Out (?)

I think we've got all the kinks worked out of the Atlas web site now. If you hit any problems, please email me at . If you sent us an email yesterday or today and don't get a reply in the next few days, you might try resending since we switched over all our emails, as well.

I'm also happy to unveil our new SELF-HOSTED forums. You can visit them NOW at . I'll be changing the link on the front page in the next few days, can closing down the old forums in the next week or so. We think the new forums will be much easier for our fans to navigate, and we like the lack of advertisements, too. :)


  1. Any chance that we can get an edit function for the new forums?

  2. Someone emailed me directly about this already ... it should be fixed now. If it's NOT, please send me a note at and I'll take another look at it. Enjoy!