Dork20 InQuest's Ultimate Gift for Gamers

John Kovalic was nice enough to pass along the news that Dork20 made InQuest's list of Ultimate Gifts for Gamers in issue 128!

Dork20 is Dork Tower-themed gaming aid that you can use during any D20 session. The GM awards cards to players for good roleplaying, and they can discard them to fudge the rules just a bit -- like to reroll a die, score an automatic crit, or get a one-time +4 bonus to Init -- depending on what the card says. Dork20 adds just a little more power to the game, and a lot of humor!

Here's what InQuest has to say:

"Part Dork Tower comic, part roleplaying accessory, Atlas games' Dork20 Deck offers players spectacular maneuvers, twists of fate and plain ol' magical weirdness that take the game from weekend recreation to the stuff of legendary tales. If 'All Your Dice Are Belong To Us!' makes you snicker, you won't want to pass this up. You'll laugh so hard, ale wil shoot out of your nose."


  1. The link is broken (should point to AG3227.php, not to AG2337.php)

  2. Thanks for the catch...I've fixed the link.