Mysteries Delayed

You may have noticed that The Mysteries Revised Edition has slipped off the "coming soon" list in the left sidebar here on our front page. I am sorry to report that the project has indeed encountered further delays. We were facing the question of whether to forge ahead with both TMRE and January's Covenants book simultaneously (the plan being to print them together), or move Covenants ahead on its original schedule (it's on time and going smooth so far...knock on wood) and let TMRE slip again. In the end, we decided to go with one on-time book and one late, rather than two late books.

So the long and the short of it is...Covenants is expected to go to press very soon (as in, within the next week) and should be printed and in our warehouse before the end of January; The Mysteries Revised Edition is tentatively expected to go to press along with Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults, for release in April.


  1. We are certainly glad to have one book released on schedule, and would rather have a high-quality delayed book, than a low-quality rushed book.
    That being said, we'd all rather have a high quality book on time. :-)
    We hope that will be the rule, rather than the exception, in the future?

  2. I think it's better to release it with Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults. It kinda stays with the theme.(even though they are separate subjects) Although I mourn the loss of the book being out sooner, as I'm sure it's done to the same high standards the fifth edition Ars has been so far. I say stick with whats working and not speed up the book. So far I have enjoyed all the fifth edition stuff.

  3. So when is the cover art going to be up?

  4. So when is the cover art going to be up?

    I should be laying out the Covenants cover on Thursday, and will probably do the TMRE cover at about the same time. Next week is very likely for both of them to be up.