New Board Games: Grand Tribunal and Recess

We have two upcoming new products to announce. Both are board games that are planned for release in March, 2006:

Grand Tribunal

Imagine a world where myth is real -- where wizards wield magic beyond
the ken of other mortals. Imagine yourself as one of these mages,
dwelling in a mystical bastion with your allies and servants, unlocking
secret powers and creating wonders. Every thirty-three years the Grand
Tribunal is held, attracting other wizards from far and wide to show off
their magical creations for the inspection and approval of the
archmages. These powerful judges vote on the best, and invite the winner
to join their ranks as a new archmage -- a true master of the art of magic!

Grand Tribunal is a board game for three to five players, inspired by
the Ars Magica roleplaying game. In Grand Tribunal, players use Vis
tokens to activate cards representing magic item types, spell
categories, and resources, which they then assemble into powerful magic
items. Each round, players place their votes for the item types and
spell categories they're most likely to be able to play. Three times
during the game -- at the periodic Tribunals -- players are presented
with 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place awards for creating magic items with item
types and spell categories that match those with the most votes. The
player at the end of the game with the most points based on those awards

Inside the Box: game board (8" x 20"), rules sheet, 6-sided die, 110
cards, 99 game pieces (24 Voting tokens, 60 Vis tokens, 1 Praeco token,
2 Tracker tokens, 4 1st-Place tokens, 4 2nd-Place tokens, 4 3rd-Place

Stock No. AG1280, ISBN 1-58978-084-1, MSRP $24.95
Designed by P.R. Chase
Illustrated by Alexander Bradley

Shipping to Distributors in March 2006


Growing up is never easy . . . especially in a rough parochial school where scores are settled on the playground. Between bullies stealing your lunch money, fights breaking out left and right, and schoolmates tattling to the ever-present nuns, a kid just can't catch a break . . . or a kiss, as the case may be. Because you're a lover as well as a fighter, and all you really want is to steal a kiss from your sweetheart across the blacktop before the school bell rings and recess is over. The fact that you've bet the last of your lunch money on being the first do it makes it all the more risky. Of course, might makes right here on the playground. If you can't win your money back from the other kids, you can always beat it out of them.

Recess is a strategy board game for three to five players. Players each start with two boy figures and two girl figures on opposite sides of the grid-marked modular board, which is dotted with playground-themed obstacles. Children move like a rook in chess, while nuns move like a queen. A child that lands on a space occupied by another child starts a fight and takes a coin from him. Other children can break up a fight by landing on that same space, or tattle by landing on a nun's space. If a nun moves onto the fight space, the attacker is sent back to the entrance for detention. Finishing thirty of the minute-long turns marks the end of the game, or it ends immediately when one player's boy and girl figures meet on the same space while out of sight of the nuns. The resulting kiss earns two coins from each player, but to win you still have to end up with the most coins.

Inside the Box: multilanguage rulebook (English, French, German, Spanish), circular clock board with pointer, sand timer, four modular game boards (6” x 6” each), two L-shaped entrances (2” x 2” each), two safety squares (2” x 2” each), 72 game pieces (20 boy and girl figures, 2 nun pawns, and 50 coin tokens)

Stock No. AG1290, ISBN 1-58978-085-X, MSRP $24.95
Designed by Morgan Dontanville
Illustrated by Alexander Bradley

Shipping to Distributors in March 2006

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