Mystery Cults Art Revealed

I've just posted the cover art for the upcoming Ars Magica release, Mystery Cults. The art was done by Grey Thornberry, whose work you've seen on several other recent Ars Magica sourcebooks. Check it out on the Mystery Cults product page!


  1. I notice that Mysteries revised is not up on the comming soon bamner. Has it been delayed again?

  2. It's not really "delayed again," but rather "still delayed." We don't want to put it back up until we have a clearer idea of when exactly it will be done.

    At this point, we do not expect to send it to press with HOH:Mystery Cults. HOH:MC is proceeding on schedule, so we don't want it to be held back.

    -John Nephew
    President, Atlas Games

  3. The art is beautiful. My birthday is on April, I already know what I'm getting myself as a present. :)


  4. Yikes. That Verditius looks seriously deranged.

    Crazy magus with a hammer! Help!

  5. re: Mysteries...

    Ah crud. Well, I've enjoyed the quality of the other books. I'll wait a little longer to introduce some of the secret societies ... given how long this book is taking, it is pretty clear that it's not just an extension of the 4e book.

    re: Cults

    Great cover. Can't wait for April.

  6. Two women...very nice to see some gender equity on the cover.

  7. Well, since those are the founders of the houses, this is likely to be the only cover that has that form of equality...