Wonders of Technology

Did you know that you can subscribe to the Atlas Games Dispatches so that they're automatically delivered to you? It's just like email but without the spam! We've long had our blog set up so that you can access it automatically through either Atom or FeedBurner.

To learn about Atom check out the Blogger.com help page, and download one of the many software programs available at AtomEnabled.org

To find out more about FeedBurner, visit their "About Feed Syndication" page at FeedBurner.com. Suggestions on software are listed with links under "How Do I Read RSS Feeds?"

Links to our Atom and FeedBurner feeds are also permanently located at the bottom of the Atlas Games welcome page.


  1. And if people want it to show up on their LiveJournal Friends page, there's a already a feed syndication at http://syndicated.livejournal.com/atlas_games/


  2. Thanks for the tip, Paul! I stuck a permanent link to the LiveJournal feed at the bottom of the main page, too. :)