Lion Rampant's Covenants

In my continuing effort to play the part of Felix Necromius (remember him?), I have resurrected another Ars Magica products from the misty past. Today's resurrected offering is the original Lion Rampant edition of Covenants, available now on

While they share a title, this is a very different book from the recently released 5th Edition Covenants. The Lion Rampant version was written for 2nd Edition rules, and released a few months after 2nd edition, in the autumn of 1989 if my memory serves. (I remember a huge stack of boxes of it filling the three-season front porch of House Rampant.) The rules part may not be of that much use to current-edition players, but the four example covenants -- one for each season -- are fun to read, what with the original write-up of Doissetep and whatnot.

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  1. This edition of Covenants is positively my favorite Ars Magica sourcebook.

    My two Ars groups used the covenant virtue/flaw rules as written in this book regardless of what ArM rules version we were using at the time. I would still recommend it for use as originally intended if a group was so inclined. The covenant virtues and flaws are still cool to this day.

    ValNegra and Doissetep played important roles in both campaigns.

    One of the greatest ArM books ever penned.