Metacreator: Covenants is a Go!

Peggy Kvam of Alter Ego Software writes to fans of their incredibly useful Metacreator software for Ars Magica: "You said there was demand for a Metacreator supplement for Ars Magica's Covenants, and you proved it. Today we received our 50th pre-order for Covenants. Thank you!

"We've started working on the datasheet. It's too early to estimate when it will be ready, but it's our top priority now. Stay tuned."

If you'll be wanting a copy of Covenants for Metacreator, and have not yet pre-ordered, let me encourage you to do so. The 50 sales threshold was really the bare minimum to make the development of the software would be nice (and good for the prospective future of software supplements for future ArM5 sourcebooks) if Alter Ego can sell a lot more!

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about Metacreator, why not try out the free demo version and give it a try? It requires Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, or Windows 2000 -- but I've heard of folks getting it to work under Linux using WINE on x86 machines, and I imagine it works for those using Boot Camp with WinXP on today's newfangled Intel-based Macs. (Have any experience running it with unusual hardware/software configurations? Leave a comment to brag about your computer-fu. :))


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