Metacreator: Covenants Pre-Order Program

If you play Ars Magica and own a PC, there's a really useful software tool available to you: Metacreator from Alter Ego Software. Besides the 5th Edition core rules, there's an expansion available that adds material from True Lineages and Guardians of the Forests; plus there's the data for the 4th Edition rules and many supplements (if you're still playing the old version).

To continue developing additional material for Metacreator, as Atlas releases additional sourcebooks for the game, Alter Ego is setting up a pre-order program. Basically, they want to make sure there is sufficient demand to justify the investment in programming/development of further add-ons. The first expansion under the pre-order program would be Covenants, a sourcebook that would really enhance the value of Metacreator for covenant creation and tracking.

Peggy Kvam writes to explain more:
After much enthusiasm and encouragement from the Metacreator user community, we are pleased to announce a Pre-order program for the Covenants supplement to Ars Magica 5th Edition. If we receive 50 preorders over the next 50 days, we will develop the Covenants datasheet. You can place your pre-order at our webstore at

June 20, 2006 is the deadline for our pre-order target. If we do not meet our goal, your payment will be refunded in full (via Paypal). Since orders have already started coming in, I'm optimistic that we'll meet it.

If you've found Metacreator to be useful for your game, I hope you'll consider pre-ordering; and if you haven't looked into Metacreator yet, you should really check it out!

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  1. Metacreator is very robust and has become essential for my Saga. I'm hoping it receives continued support!

    Anyone who has never tried it can go to the website and try out a demo of the Ars 5 version of Metacreator...