Production Updates

Production Status: Board Games

The new printer we're using in China for our board games has been taking a lot longer than we were originally led to expect. However, it looks like our first two board games are finally approaching completion. AG1280 Grand Tribunal and AG1290 Recess are scheduled to be ready to load on the container ship on May 10th. Surface shipping should take at least a month to get to our warehouse, so we're hoping we'll have these games available for sale in mid to late June.

Our other board game, AG1300 Seismic, is actually proceeding on schedule. We're been told it should be completed and ready to ship from China in early June, which should get it to our warehouse sometime in July, the original month of release that we announced.

Production Status: Dungeoneer

The exciting new Epic level game for Dungeoneer, AG1247 Call of the Lich Lord, is off to press! This game's printer is in the USA, so we expect the usual turnaround of about 6 weeks, which should mean we'll have the game available for sale on time in mid to late June.

As usual, for all of these titles, keep in mind that you can expect that it will take a week or more between when we start shipping a new game and when it will be on the shelf in your local game store.

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