Mystery Cults in PDF

It hasn't been long, but Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults is nearly sold out (less than one carton of books left in the warehouse), so I thought I'd put it up for sale as a PDF. You can buy it now on


  1. Nearly out in just about a month. Is the print run for TMRE going to be larger?

  2. As True Lineages was reprinted, I would expect this, too. When is the next "printing slot" ?? October, with City & Gild ?? That the book got sold out does not amazes me, it was of very high quality. It was a really quick thing, though. Probably its success was underestimated a bit. I wonder about how much the first print run for TMRE will last, now.

  3. The HOH:MC print run was smaller than other recent books, because it had to be the same size as the HOH:TL reprint we ganged with it.

    I doubt we will reprint HOH:MC in 2006, but odds are pretty good we'll do it next year. We might try to run it along with another reprint, so as to go with a smaller quantity than we need on a first-run title.

    The print runs of TMRE and ROP:I, both at press (we're signing off on the printer's proofs today), are set to be larger than HOH:MC (it helps that they're both new books rather than reprints).