Nyambe has Too Many Goats!

We have some exciting news today for fans of Nyambe: African Adventures.

Atlas Games is pleased to announced the signing of a licensing agreement with Too Many Goats for the publication of official Nyambe: African Adventures supplements and adventures.

Fans of Nyambe may already know one of the names behind Too Many Goats: Jim Alcala Sal├ęs, who has been managing the Nyambe.com website for some time now. His colleagues, Pat Collins and Brian Gute, are no strangers to the game industry either.

Too Many Goats will be focusing on PDF publishing. To see some of the exciting Nyambe products they have in the development pipeline, check out their web page at http://www.toomanygoats.com/products.htm today!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the introduction and well written announcement John.

    We at Too Many Goats are happy to be able to work on Nyambe products. For too long, there have not been enough adventures for this terrific setting. We want to change that.

    Glad you like the name Jeff!