Recess & Grand Tribunal IN OUR ACTUAL WAREHOUSE!

Hard to believe, I know, but Recess and Grand Tribunal are in our actual warehouse RIGHT NOW! The shipping container was dropped off about an hour and a half ago, and with the help of the guys from the Source -- thanks Hans, Nick, Jared, and Bob! -- we had it unloaded in about 45 minutes. Boxes were flying, let me tell you!

The two games look great! I always dread opening that first copy of a game, looking for problems or mistakes. If I never open it, then it'll be perfect forever, right? Okay, so my logic is flawed, but I'm happy to report that Recess and Grand Tribunal are not. Both turned out really well, and we're excited to start shipping it out! You should be able to find copies in your local games store as soon as the end of next week.

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