New Webmaster Joins Atlas

Atlas Games is pleased to welcome a new webmaster to the team, Wendy Wyman. Wendy will be in charge of maintaining the Atlas Games website and forums starting this week.

Wendy tells us that she got into gaming back in high school, where she learned that patience is a virtue, especially when creating Rifts characters. This lesson served her well in college at UW-Platteville, when her professor told her that "the internet was just a fad and you will never make a living from it." Thankfully, like most of her college education, she has found that very little of it actually applies to the real world. At the moment, she is happy to live in Madison, WI with her wonderful & talented husband Drew, where she has made her living from this fad for over a decade.

Wendy has been the webmaster for such illustrious sites as DorkTower and says that she's honored to add Atlas Games to her portfolio.

Wendy can be contacted at

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