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While we were away at GenCon, several great reviews came out about various Atlas products ...

Shannon Appelcline at says of Recess, "Recess! is a bit of a rarity. It's a well-themed abstract strategy game ... It allows for some surprisingly deep play given its short play length". Read the review now!

Shannon also recently wrote about Dungeoneer as part of his "Adventure Games" series at He says, "Adventure games have a long history, but they haven't grown as much as they could have over that timespan. I think that Dungeoneer ... [shows] the potential of the gameplay style, and it's something that I hope will continue to grow." View the article now!

Richard Pardoe posted an excellent play session report about Seismic up at He comments, "there are obious similarities to the roads in Carcassonne, but I like what Seismis offers. The Hexagonal tiles offer more options for connection as does the draw 1 from 3 tile choice mechanism. The earthquakes (and their variety) add a nice tension to the placement decisions, but still one that can be strategized around. A game that I hope I will be able to play again soon." Read the session report now!

And finally, Jay Moore posted a review of Seismic at, also comparing Seismic to Carcassonne. He asks, "Have you ever been playing Caracssonne, and someone puts out that one tile that just totally screws you over? You know, you're building the big ole city, the one with the extra-special super bonus tile in the middle of it, and there's just one more tile to go before you close it off and score so many points that you'll lap around the scoring track four or five times? And then some hater comes along and plays a tile that makes it impossible to finish that city? Do you ever wish that you could just take a little Meeple, arm him with a laser cannon, and go blast that tile into smithereens? ... Then you're going to love Seismic!" Check out his review now!

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