Atlas Out of Office

John and I will be leaving today to travel to Japan for David Chart's wedding. We'll be back in the office on Friday, October 6th, but we probably won't be able to really address any concerns until the following Monday at the earliest, what with the jet lag and all. Thanks for understanding.


  1. Congratulations, David!

  2. Congradulations on the wedding!

  3. Deliriously Happy Collaring, David & Soulmate :-)

    Have a good journey & time, John, Michelle, & all Atlas folks

    Jetlags, eh ? Is that the current polite excuse for sake hangovers

  4. Well, we've made it safely to Japan, and are now enjoying our outbound jet internal clock is convinced that I've slept in horribly late, past 2 PM on Wednesday, but the local time is around 4 AM Thursday...

    Today we head in to Tokyo (we just grabbed our first night at a hotel close to the Narita airport, figuring we'd want to get somewhere to rest ASAP after a 12-hour flight), for a day at the national museum and then dinner with David and Yuriko.

  5. Congratulations, David.