Gloomy December

December will be a very Gloomy month, and we're not just talking about seasonal affective disorder! We have found a promising new supplier here in the US to print Gloom and its expansions for us, and we are planning to have reprints of the core Gloom card game and the Unhappy Homes expansion deck, plus the brand new Unwelcome Guests expansion, all shipping to distributors in December.

Our new supplier is going to cost more than the original printer in India, but based on transparent card games they've printed in the past we expect much higher production quality and consistent quality control. Unfortunately, we need to increase the price on the base game to $24.95 to offset part of the increased manufacturing cost (and we'll still be taking a big hit to our margins). I think the extra cost will be worthwhile in terms of customer satisfaction.

For the 55-card expansions, I expect we can keep the same $12.95 MSRP that Unhappy Homes had when we released it a year ago. (This may be subject to change, based on the final pricing we get from our new printer. I didn't want to delay announcing the new expansion any longer, however, now that we know its delivery time won't involve ocean freight.)

Later today I will send around to our distributors a full product announcement for Unwelcome Guests (and soon we'll have it up on the blog here). In the meantime, here are the vital stats for all three Gloom SKUs that will be available in December:
Gloom - The Game of Inauspicious Incidents and Grave Consequences
110 poker-sized transparent plastic cards plus rules sheet in a tuckbox
Stock No. AG1250, ISBN 1-58978-068-X, MSRP $24.95
Gloom: Unhappy Homes
55 poker-sized transparent plastic cards in a tuckbox
Stock No. AG1252, ISBN 1-58978-081-7, MSRP $12.95
Gloom: Unwelcome Guests
55 poker-sized transparent plastic cards in a tuckbox
Stock No. AG1253, ISBN 1-58978-093-0, MSRP $12.95

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  1. Additional product information is now available from the product page for Unwelcome Guests.