Various Updates

Lunch Money Sells Out (Again)

Yet another printing of Lunch Money is now history. The reprint has already been ordered; delivery is expected in early November. This is a straight reprint -- no changes. Lots of our distributors recently stocked up on the game, upon hearing that we were running low, so your favorite game store probably still has it in stock (and if not, their distributor probably does) -- if you're a consumer, this out-of-stock period is probably not even going to be noticeable. But if you need a copy for a specific date/purpose (like a birthday present), I wouldn't put off buying it.

Ars Magica Reprints in October

Based on several factors (the success of the True Lineages reprint, the short time in which Mystery Cults sold out, the generally good sales of the whole 5th Edition line, and the fact that the printing cost looks affordable), we've decided to arrange a modest reprinting of two out of print Ars Magica 5th Edition supplements: Guardians of the Forests and the ENnie Award-nominated Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults. These reprints will be available in October. (Specifically, our printer has advised me that October 17th is the expected delivery date.)

Guardians of the Forests
144 pages, hardcover
Stock No. AG0276, ISBN 1-58978-072-8, MSRP $29.95
Reprint Ships to Distributors in October 2006

Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults

144 pages, hardcover
Stock No. AG0281, ISBN 1-58978-086-8, MSRP $29.95
Reprint Ships to Distributors in October 2006

In case you are wondering -- no, these are not print-on-demand; we are doing a regular print run on web/offset presses, just like the first printings of these books. These are reprints, not revisions (stock number, price, ISBNs remain the same), so people who already own the books won't want to buy them again; however, we believe there is unsatisfied demand for these books among the game's fans which these reprintings will meet.

City & Guild Slipping to November

Jury duty recently pulled Jeff Tidball away from his layout work on City & Guild. Unfortunately, we don't think it's possible for this book to be out on time in October; we're expecting November delivery instead, and hoping that the above-mentioned reprints will hold the Ars Magica fans at bay in the meantime.


  1. Well, if Motherland calls, little to do. Best wishes to Jeff for performing his duty as best as it can. Is this delay going to affect Ancient Magic release date, as well ?

  2. No, Ancient Magic looks right on time. It should have a release date in very early January.