Changes in PDF Distribution

Today it was announced that and are merging into a new company. Unfortunately, this new company is going with the less attractive business terms that DTRPG offers publishers. For that reason, we have notified RPGNow that we are terminating our existing agreement with them.

Fortunately, we have been getting up and running with the good folks at e23. At this point in time we have 48 products available from e23; that is fewer than we had on RPGNow, but I will work on getting the rest on there as soon as I can, as well as titles never before seen in PDF.


  1. Which means an end to me buying Atlas games PDFs... post again when you are back on RPGnow!

  2. If we add more PDF outlets in the future, you can be sure that we'll post notice of it here on our front page.

  3. Thanks for this John...I appreciate not having to pay the extra, oh 9% by the look of things, following the OSB/RPGNow price rise.

  4. I absolutely disagree with the above poster. If Drive Through Games has taken over RPGNOW and has removed the things that made it popular - ie your terms unwatermarked files etc....

    I heartily commend you for finding another online publisher. As a consumer, thanks for giving the new conglomerate some competition.

    I predict that within a month of the new site opening customers will begin to clue in that the merger has the least generous elements of both sites.