Metacreator Voting

Peggy Kvam dropped us a line to tell us that Alter Ego Software is "putting the next Metacreator project to a vote from our fans. We were very pleased with the preorder challenge process, so we'll take that route again. The highest vote-getter from our survey will go up for a preorder challenge."

Her more detailed message to fans is as follows:

We're ready to work on a new Metacreator project. You are invited to vote for the product you would like us to develop first. Please take our survey at The most popular product will then be submitted for a preorder challenge, 50 orders in 30 days. If it fails to make the goal, the second highest voted item will go up for the challenge.

The choices are:

  • The Mysteries (Revised) and Mystery Cults: Houses of Hermes for Ars Magica -- proposed price $7.95
  • ConspiracyX for Unisystem -- proposed price $4.95
  • Rippers and Deadlands Reloaded for Savage Worlds -- proposed price $7.95
  • d20 Future -- proposed price $4.95
The survey will close on Monday, Oct. 16.

Best Regards,
Peggy Kvam
Alter Ego Software

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