Special Treat for Board Game Geeks

We're doing a very special promotion with the good folks of BoardGameGeek.com for their BoardGameGeek.CON (as in convention) event next month: All 400 attendees at the sold-out event will be getting their own set of Pieces of Eight, free. Each attendee gets a velvet pouch containing a set of 16 coins (either the Maiden's Vengeance set or the Cursed Blade), a rulebook, an explanatory note from designer Jeff Tidball, and a mini-FAQ, when they sign in for the con.

Pieces of Eight is the perfect convention game, since it's about as portable as you can get. You can carry your coins in your pocket, it plays quickly, accommodates a wide range of number of players, and you don't need a table or other play surface (just two hands and a pocket or the pouch to serve as the "hold"). This means you can easily play it between other games, or even while waiting for a table at a restaurant. And at BGG.CON, you'll know that there are 399 potential opponents close at hand!

If you're going to be attending BGG.CON, we'd also like to suggest that you download a copy of the very convenient print-and-fold booklet PDF with the rules/abilities of all the coins in the game.

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  1. P.S. You can see the announcement over at boardgamegeek here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/131930