Ars Magica Web Banner

We have a new Ars Magica Fifth Edition web banner for download. It will be featured on through February.

Download the web banner for your own site!

Additionally, the Product Price list has been updated in the Retailer Support area.


  1. Apeaking of Ars Magica, has Ancient Magic gone to press yet? Do you have an estimated arrival date for city and guild?

  2. Both City & Guild and Ancient Magic arrived early, in our warehouse today. I am starting to ship non-US customers City & Guild; US customers will be stagger-shipped next week (since we'd given everyone Monday as the order deadline).

    Ancient Magic was gang-printed with C&G for cost savings, but it will be held a few weeks for stagger-shipping in late December. My target release date for it (the date when distributors in the US will start to sell it to stores) is January 2nd.