Adopt a Rabbit Month!

As many of you might already know from our previous bunny-related posts, John and I are founding members and patrons of the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society. This time of year brings the highest number of rabbits seeking homes - over 100 rabbits are listed on Petfinder through MCRS right now! That's why February is officially Adopt a Rabbit Month. If you're looking for a new pet, consider a bunny ... like our own Poncho!

We fostered Poncho and three other rabbits in the summer of 2005 after a big confiscation of some 70 rabbits strained the capacity of the local Twin Cities shelters. I fell in love with him at the shelter when he licked my hand from inside his carrier, and his outgoing personality soon won us over entirely. The other three bunnies found homes quickly, but we decided to adopt Poncho (which is short for El Chupacabra, of course!). Because he's litter trained, Poncho has the run of our den in the evenings, and loves to jump up on the couch with us for long petting sessions while we watch TV.

What's that you say? "I don't live in Minnesota!" Not to fear, the National House Rabbit Society website can point you toward a rescue group near you, and also has tons of great information about bunnies!

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