Metacreator Mysteries

Peggy Kvam of Alter Ego Software passed some good news our way to share with the Ars Magica fans who are Metacreator users:

Last week we announced the beta release of the Mysteries Revised/Mystery Cults datasheets for Metacreator & Ars Magica. Every customer who pre-ordered this was sent an email with the download link. I've noticed that many of these people haven't yet made the download. Perhaps they missed the email, amidst all the spam that plagues us all.

So if you pre-ordered the new Metacreator expansion, it might be worth taking a peek in your spam trap! Peggy also says that you can contact her directly at for a download reauthorization, if necessary.

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  1. Perhaps this might help demystify the mystery of the Mysteries download enigma...

    The email told me to check the email I received when I preordered the beta for the link to download the beta. That email had no such link. At first I was dumbfounded and considered sending a return email asking wtf? Luckily, I had also ordered some other ArM Metacreator stuff so the download links were in that email at least. By changing one of those download links to include the product id of the Mysteries beta I was able to successfully download the beta.


    Rich Evans
    (sorry, no login info atm)