40 Years of Gen Con at Press

The 40 Years of Gen Con book went off to press on Saturday. It's been an ENORMOUS project from the logistics side, with over 120 contributors and almost 250 images in the book. But it's also been hugely rewarding ... I think this history of our hobby is an amazing chronicle, and I was astounded at how many things I learned about Gen Con during the process of editing and laying out the book. Peter Adkison's reaction in his approval of the first chapters sums it up, I think:

"This looks fabulous, guys. My face is flushed and I'm fighting back the tears. This is a really great thing we're doing. Gamers all over the world will really appreciate how we're documenting history. Some of those pictures are priceless. And I love how the credits are laid out like the stats on the Gen Con dragon. (right?)"

Okay, so maybe the credits weren't consciously designed to look like stats for the dragon (they DO kind of have that shape about them, though) -- the point is that it's at press, it'll be available at Gen Con, and it looks great!

Our thanks to everyone who helped us with this project -- the folks at Gen Con LLC, all the publishers who sent us cover images (even for last-minute requests), everyone who submitted themselves to Robin's interviewing, those who contributed stories and photos (visit www.GenConHistory.com to see whose were included in the book), Ian Livingstone and Mike Carr for their rare early Gen Con photos, and Wendy Wyman for interrupting her vacation to take a photographic tour of Lake Geneva for us. You've all helped to create an amazing book, and I think you'll be impressed come August.

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