Atlas Hacked

This morning we were notified by our website host that they'd been hacked, and that we should change our FTP passwords. After getting a tip from Atlas Forum user Kurt Konegen, we also checked all the files on the site for unusual activity. It looks like the Forum's index page was changed this morning by persons unknown, along with every other index file on the,, and websites. No other files were compromised, and we've replaced all of the hacked index files with our backup copies as of 4:30 pm CST. So, we should be back to pre-hack status except for the Forum and Gallery, which are now disabled while we work on them.

It turns out that the hacker's file was actually a redirect link to another web site. So, if you tried to access any of our sites today and got redirected somewhere, that was it at work and it would probably be a good idea to run a virus checker on your computer.

Thanks to Kurt for emailing us right away, and sorry for the trouble.


  1. The Forum and gallery at are now up. Enjoy!

  2. Some morons really have time to spare... I'm happy all is well that ends well, though