A Gamer in Need

A few months ago, John and I learned that Robert "Roadkill" Aiken has an aggressive form of brain cancer. Roadkill is a fixture in the Twin Cities gaming community. He's been my GM year after year in the summer RPG campaigns hosted by the Source Comics & Games, and John remembers the first time he ever ran a demo in the Twin Cities for Over the Edge -- which was held at a precursor to the Source about 15 years ago -- where Roadkill was one of his players.

The surgery and chemotherapy that Roadkill has undergone were only able to remove part of his brain tumor (glioblastoma multiforme). At best, this will just slow its spread. The good people at the Source decided to give Roadkill and his wife a gift before it progresses too far, and took up a collection to send them to Disney World, where they had their honeymoon years ago ... you can see Roadkill's journal for the trip at caringbridge.org

But as you can imagine, the medical bills keep piling up, and he and his wife only have one income now to pay for basics like rent. If you're able, consider helping Roadkill with a donation, to make money one less thing he needs to worry about. Checks can be made out to "Robert or Susan Aiken" and mailed to: Roadkill, c/o Source Comics & Games, 1601 West Larpenteur Ave., Falcon Heights, MN 55113. Thanks for your help.

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