Art & Academe

Art & Academe arrived at our warehouse from the printer yesterday. John's working hard on getting orders out ... you should be able to find it at your local game store in about a week or two.


  1. Great! I've got mine on pre-order now.

    For those interested in a "Behind the Scenes" look, check out the Line Editor's comments in Sub Rosa Issue #2:



  2. I am wondering why you guys don't drop ship directly from the printer to Warehouse 23 and Having worked in the publishing industry for a number of years, this would seem to be a way to get the books to the fans alot sooner. I can certainly see that certain orders would be too small to do this, but I can't help but believe that this would work for major resellers.

  3. The short explanation is that there is no time to be saved by drop shipping. Our book printer is only a few hours away. The day the books are finished and ready to go, they actually deliver them directly to our warehouse on their own truck, the very same day.

  4. Any chance of a PDF copy soon? Likewise, how about all the other books that aren't available in PDF beyond the core rules (Infernal, Divine, C&G, etc. etc.)?

  5. No chance of a PDF soon, I'm afraid. When I find time to get more books into PDF availability, I'll be prioritizing the ones that are no longer available in print.

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