Virgil the Magical Cat

There is now a new section on the Ars Magica 5th Edition page entitled "Other characters flesh out the covenant and the surrounding area." This section was added in honor of "Virgil the Magical Cat", a character which was built using the new rules from Realms of Power: Magic.


  1. Great!

    RoP:Magic looks to be very interesting indeed.

    (Three Ars posts in such a short space of time, amazing!)



  2. Did some new Errata for Ars get posted recently as well? I realised I hadn't seen the new ones that were up and I wondered if I'd missed the usual announcement?

  3. Yep, It looks like the Errata was updated on May 16. I can't sneak anything past your guys. :)

    There are more updates for Ars Magica stuff in the works, and I promise to post this time when they are up. Thanks.