d20 Fire Sale

As many RPG fans may be aware, the d20 System Trademark License is being cancelled. As a result, publishers of products published under that license (which permitted Open Game License products to have the d20 trademark on them) will not be able to sell those products after the end of this year. Retailers and wholesalers can still sell inventory they have already purchased.

We still have a number of d20 products in our warehouse, and we'd rather see them in the hands of gamers instead of the recycling center. In order to give all of our wholesaler and retailer customers equal opportunity, we have decided to lower the MSRPs for all of our remaining printed d20 products. This way, everyone can stock these titles while they last and pass along the savings to their customers. To keep things simple, the new MSRPs are either $2, $5 or $10. This means a price reduction of 54% to 85%, depending on the title.

Following is a list of the affected titles and their new prices:

Stock No. ISBN Title New SRP
AG3200 1-887801-94-4 Three Days to Kill $2.00
AG3203 1-887801-98-7 The Tide of Years $2.00
AG3204 1-887801-99-5 Touched by the Gods $5.00
AG3206 1-58978-003-5 Maiden Voyage $2.00
AG3210 1-58978-009-4 Backdrops $2.00
AG3212 1-58978-011-6 Seven Strongholds $5.00
AG3213 1-58978-014-0 Seven Cities $10.00
AG3214 1-58978-021-3 Occult Lore $10.00
AG3218 1-58978-030-2 The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary $10.00
AG3220 1-58978-033-7 Dynasties and Demagogues $10.00
AG3223 1-58978-039-6 Crime and Punishment $10.00
AG3225 1-58978-042-6 Sacred Ground II $5.00
AG3226 1-58978-044-2 Love & War $10.00
AG3227 1-58978-046-9 The Dork20 Deck $2.00
AG3228 1-58978-052-3 En Route III: The Road Less Traveled $5.00
AG3230 1-58978-067-1 Seven Civilizations $5.00
AG3401 1-58978-012-4 Ascension of the Magdalene (Unknown Armies/D20) $5.00
AG3402 1-58978-035-3 The Black Monks of Glastonbury (Ars Magica/D20) $5.00
AG3700 1-58978-023-X Nyambe: African Adventures $10.00
AG3701 1-58978-029-9 Dire Spirits (Nyambe/D20) $2.00
AG3702 1-58978-040-X Ancestral Vault (Nyambe d20) $5.00
AG3710 1-58978-077-9 Northern Crown: New World Adventures $10.00
AG3711 1-58978-078-7 Northern Crown: Gazetteer $10.00

The new MSRPs are effective immediately, and are good while supplies last (first come, first served; some titles have very limited quantities) or until Dec. 31st, 2008.

Some of these titles are in very short supply -- in particular, I expect AG3213, AG3214, AG3220 and AG3226 to be gone in short order. Even though we are low on these titles, I figured it was easiest to just include them in the sale anyway.


  1. Took a peek at Warehouse23 and saw the price change reflected. Then I went to check e23 out of curiousity and saw the download was $20. Wondering if that was going to change...

  2. We will not be changing the d20 PDF prices.

    Remember, the license expiration means we have until the end of the year to sell the paper products, and then will need to destroy anything left.

    The PDFs, on the other hand, have no physical inventory; those files can simply be pulled and updated to remove the d20 logo, trademarks, etc.