Battle of the Geeks: Installment Two

Hello again, gentle readers. And welcome to another installment of Battle of the Geeks, the ongoing series in which I prove once and for all that I am, indeed, a much bigger gamer geek than my husband, Atlas Games' president John Nephew.


Gaming is at the heart of being a gamer geek, of course. So, the question becomes, when was the last time each of us actually sat down and gamed? My answer is, of course, last Tuesday ... the same answer that I've had for the last three years that my gaming group has been in existence. John's answer? ... (wait for it) ... Is that SILENCE that I hear?

And here's where I up the ante. I present to you, dear readers, PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE not just of my gaming group (and guests), but of our first ever 4E game:

Yes, that's right, we hold our weekly game at the Atlas Games offices, and so that bookshelf behind us is full to overflowing with D&D sourcebooks. And yes, that's Bobbi Olson again on the laptop at right, being Skyped in for the event since she had business out of town that day. The laptop actually does double duty, since of course we have a custom soundtrack for our game playing. And YES, that is indeed a GM screen in the shape of a GINORMOUS CASTLE. And you know what's even better? The turrets are actually DICE ROLLERS, one pointing in toward the GM and the other out toward the players.

I ask you, is this NOT the geekiest roleplaying game session you've EVER SEEN!?!


Michelle = 2
John = 0

(My thanks to Mike Webb at Alliance Distribution for helping make this installment of Battle of the Geeks possible, by his kind contribution of the 4E GM screen.)


  1. Hm.

    I don't buy it. This looks like a lot of gamer groups and the picture on the laptop is unclear.

    Sorry, but I can't give you the second point!

  2. Well I don't recognize anyone in that picture as Michelle so I'm wondering how a picture of a bunch of people who aren't Michelle is supposed to support claims to her geekhood.

    I have to agree with anamous number one.

  3. As a Former Member of the Gaming group (One who pines away the Tuesday Nights cause of work) I can and will confirm that That is Michelles Gaming group... Add in the AWSOME Castle Screen (WHich I have whitnessed in person) and I say Michelle should get Double Double POints...
    Michelle Wasn't Johns last gaming the Over the Edge game he ran for the Group?

    And as you can see IM not anonymous but an actual person...:)

  4. Hee ... you're right M. And that would have been, what, like 2 years ago?

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