Battle of the Geeks: Installment Four

Anybody feeling sorry for John yet? I've decided he obviously needs a little help proving that he's at least a little bit geeky compared to me. So ...


As you'd imagine, John and I have quite a large game collection, so much so that it's spread out into multiple locations ... 5 shelves of D20 books plus 3 shelves of Atlas RPGs and card games are at the office, an entire closet of non-Atlas board games and card games are at home, and another 8 unopened cases of CCGs are in the basement along with around 15 boxes of old magazines like Dragon. But right now I'd like to compare our non-D20, non-Atlas RPG collection, which comprises 10 shelves downstairs.

I'd not mentioned this particular collection before because, to be fair, the RPGs I brought into our marriage took up 2 shelves, while the rest were John's. So, point to him there ... congrats, honey!

(Though of course, he didn't actually PAY for most of his, and I was a poor grad student at the time, so finances had something to do with that. And anyway, our good friends in the industry will know how finely honed my swag-collecting skills are, and intuit correctly that our collection has improved and increased dramatically due to my efforts over the past 9 years.)

But I am going to claim a point for actually setting up the shelves, unpacking all of his RPGs, sorting through them to get rid of about 6 boxes of doubles, and organizing them all by game system ... OCD has to count for something, right?


Michelle = 4
John = 1


  1. Ahh... but do you have copies of Kobold Quarterly? ;)


  2. Oh, hey! I forgot to mention the half-bookcase full of video games, too!