Battle of the Geeks: Installment Five

I'm back with another edition of Battle of the Geeks, in which I utterly trounce John in my claim to uber-gamer geekiness.


I have a motivational poster hanging in my office. No, not THAT kind of motivational poster ... the gamer spoof kind. It's one that makes me smile whenever I see it.

Okay, so, moderately geeky. Here's where the points really come in. The other night, my gaming group ATTACKED THE GAZEBO in our 4E game. Seriously. You know the drill ... the undead are rising and attacking our village, so we intrepid adventurers hack through the masses of zombies in the graveyard. But they keep coming! Then we notice THE GAZEBO OF DOOM. That's right, we ended up having to destroy the green-glowing gazebo in order to get to the arcane symbol underneath that was raising the dead, and then obliterate that.

And to top it all off, we had some crazy cool minis to suit the situation, courtesy of Bobbi's trip to the local Menards' post-Halloween sale ...

Why yes, that gazebo IS made of bones, thanks for noticing!


Michelle = 5
John = 1


  1. Hey, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who gave you the printout of that Gazebo inspirational poster (credit for which I think goes to some user a few years back)...

  2. Hey, I already gave you one pity point ... what more do you want from me!?!?

    Okay, I'll grant 1/2 point for the poster, and also 1/2 point for playing WOW (as mentioned in Installment Three).

    No full points for comments arguments, though ... you'll just have to post a real entry to catch up, buddy!

  3. the 2 of you are sooooooooooo ment for each is soo cute...geeks that you are ;)


  4. Well, you know what they say: "takes one to know one." :P

  5. Do I get a point for owning the gazebo? The extra pumpkins and piles of skulls were mine too. The tombstones, however, were Chris'. He beat me to that sale. Dagnabit!

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