Forums Down

The Atlas Games forums have been taken down temporarily. We're in the process of moving them to a new location at, in order to isolate them from the main Atlas site so that hackers can't keep re-infecting it over and over. We expect the transfer to be finished by tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience (yet again).


  1. JeanMichelle6/17/2009 12:37 PM

    You guys at Atlas don't deserve all this. To the hackers: Oh what a glorious deed to hack the forum of a bunch of friendly harmless dreamers - what a deed to hassle an online-roleplaying community.
    Guess you don't have the guts to take on something more challening - go plague the Pentagon, you cowards!

  2. Hee ... thanks for the sympathy! :)

  3. Good luck Atlas!

    You are wonderful!

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  5. The forums are back up. Please let us know if you encounter any trouble by posting at

    Otherwise, enjoy!