Gaming Haikus

By Bobbi

Socializing and
Laughing. Dice, chits, cards and boards.
Don't spill the soda!

I don't need to win,
just want to beat my boyfriend.
It's satisfying.

I'll bring the pizza.
You grab your copy of Ars.
The gang is waiting.

Finally! It's here!
My FLGS called me.
Can you smell the cards?

My gaming haikus.
Neat, tidy, meant to be read.
Have some of your own?


  1. JeanMichelle7/09/2009 1:53 PM

    Nature's the topic
    Wikipedia tells us
    to use in haikus

  2. I thought it was change!
    Starting with one view, it shifts.
    Here are my submissions:

    What dice do I roll?
    Can I have a monkey pet?
    New gamers: fresh meat.

    How do I conquer
    the world with my earwax?
    Mad Scientist U.

    I can see into
    the darkness you hide within
    your soul: It is Gloom.

    Why won't you let me
    research this spell? I think that
    Creo Vis is cool!

    I will rearrange
    your balanced face harmony!
    Fear my Feng Shui skills!

    Caffeine and sugar,
    so who needs necromancy -
    sleep is for the weak.